Four Days of Yum

While we’re on the topic of food, last month there was a festival in town called the “Rollende Keukens”, or “Kitchens on Wheels”. If you were selling some kind of food or drink from something that had wheels, you were in. And it made for some pretty creative “wheels”, not to mention food.  

From caravans a la Bollywood,

to lemonade in a bag,

a mini-ferris wheel where one could sip Sangria whilst ascending and descending, ascending and descending,

and the obvious,

to these guys, who take the geese shot at Schiphol airport, and turn them into croquettes, the pinnacle of Dutch street food.

Most food festivals are nice enough, white Amsterdammer kind of affairs, with plastic flutes of Hungarian champagne (because it's cheaper and good enough), expensive Dutch cheeses and overpriced olive oil. But this was just plain fun. Everything was homemade, not the usually processed food or massive bottles of factory made sauces that normally accompany street food here (with the exception of herring stands). From mobile pizza ovens,

to bars on wheels complete with DJs (because who doesn’t love a DJ with a happy face?),

it was quite a party. There were more than 80 tiny kitchens on wheels,

and the festival was four days long – a far cry from what it was five years ago when it first started: a mere five caravans and nary a visitor. Times are changing though, here in Amsterdam. Last year there were 45 caravans. For a city that often gets criticized by the expats who live here for wanting nothing more than the mediocre, especially when it comes to food, this was proof that the demand for playful, inventive and delicious eats is on the rise.

It was packed, and the atmosphere was great. And if you can supply that demand in a laid-back, lovely place to wander about and nibble and sip for an afternoon, or four days, I’d say success is guaranteed.