Long Shadows

It’s been a stormy couple of months. Hurricane force winds three times in six weeks, and really only a bit of tapering off in between.

Flooding. Countless fallen trees. The kind of weather media loves, though really, it hasn’t been all that bad.

Wind and water can change coastlines and landscape – we all know that.

But knowing it and seeing it are two very different things.

Seeing it cements notions, raises questions.

And yet we continue along our merry way, welcoming in the New Year, as though it will be different than the ones that came before it, even though we know it will more or less be the same.

Except, maybe, for the weather.

Unsurprising, perhaps, in the time of year when the shadows we cast are the longest, but it always gives me pause, makes me wonder.

Throughout our lives we’re taught that in order to survive we must toot our own horns, display our greatness, as individuals, as human beings.

Modesty has no place in this world, we are told. But when it comes to realizing that we may collectively have enough influence to change the weather, we go quiet, say it can’t possibly be us, stick our heads in the sand.

I wonder if we’ll ever know if we’re the cause or not, whether our shadows are longer than we think.