Podcast Editor, Audio Documentary Producer and Writer



Anik See is a Canadian podcast editor, audio documentary producer and writer living in The Netherlands.

Anik creates audio: from podcasts and audio documentaries of all lengths for international public broadcasters, to developing audio components for transmedia productions. She also produces branded podcasts and series for clients such as KLM, Pacific Content and Philips. An award-winning audio producer and editor, her skills include researching, interviewing, sound recording, writing, digital editing and mixing. In addition, Anik co-teaches a course in digital storytelling and transmedia production at the University of Groningen.

Anik is also the author of 4
books. Her writing has appeared in newspapers and magazines, and has been nominated for numerous awards. She has also contributed to several anthologies, and has attended residencies in the U.S., Banff, Iceland, Norway, Belgium, Germany and the Yukon. She is the co-founder and publisher of Fish Gotta Swim Editions and lives in Amsterdam.