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Anik's writing, both fiction and non-fiction, has appeared in National Geographic, The Walrus, Brick, Prairie Fire, the Fiddlehead, Geist, grain, The National Post, Toronto Life and, as a contributing editor, in Outpost Magazine, and has been nominated for numerous awards. Her work has also been translated into Dutch.

An abbreviated selection: 

"The Great Beauty" - Bellingham Review

Growing up in Canada in the 1970s, there was a lot of rhetoric about Canada being a land of resources—that without them, our economy would falter. Since then, the Canadian economy has moved away from resources, but the rhetoric still exists, and belies the impact of resource extraction on our revered wild landscapes. This essay reveals that though wild landscapes and resource extraction seem to be separate and with opposite means to an end, they are actually entwined.


"The Groundskeeper: Tending graves at Bény-sur-Mer" - The Walrus Magazine

A profile of a Commonwealth War Graves Commission groundskeeper, Graham Ford, who has tended graves in Normandy for 25 years. A look at the 70th anniversary of D-Day from a slightly different angle.


"Bicycling to Nirvana: Fighting Gridlock the Dutch Way" - National Geographic

Frustrated with rising gas prices and overcrowded roads, a rising number of commuters have turned to cycling, and major cities around the world are trying to emulate Amsterdam's bike-friendly approach. But it wasn't always smooth pedaling in the Netherlands. The history of Dutch cycling has seen its own share of ups and downs, and what works in the Netherlands and Europe doesn't necessarily work everywhere else.


"A Pilgrim's Progress" -  The Walrus Magazine

Westvleteren beer is widely considered – by experts and amateurs alike – to be one of the best beers in the world. It’s made at The Abbey of Saint Sixtus monastery in Westvleteren, northwestern Belgium, near the infamous Flanders fields where millions of soldiers perished in World War 1. But isn’t for sale anywhere. To get some, you have to get on a list, and go there to pick it up. Anik follows a fan of the beer – who drives a roundtrip of more than 500 km – to get some of the stuff.


"Squeezing a Spiral into a Square Hole: Dürer, Bringhurst and Proportion" - Brick Magazine

In this essay, which appeared in Canada's premier literary magazine, Anik brings together personal experience in the galleries and bars of Amsterdam and the complexity and simplicity of what makes something visually beautiful.


"Symbols of Infinity" -The National Post and Outpost Magazine

You know the stereotypes of the North: the misfits, the people who like being isolated, the hardy ones. The vast and uninhabited, if not inhospitable, landscape. But a summer meander around the North West Territories in Canada's north reveals an immense landscape, haunted by myths, and brimming with inexplicable natural wonders.