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Call of the Wild

"Thoreau's backstage is van Broekhuizen’s frontstage." -  Aafke Weller

"Thoreau's backstage is van Broekhuizen’s frontstage." - Aafke Weller

Call of the Wild

by Walter van Broekhuizen


"There are enough champions of civilization," said Henry David Thoreau in his defence of the wild. The 'civilized' might argue that there are enough champions of wilderness, or the wild in us. It is tug-of-war constantly in play as the world evolves into a place at once more civilized than ever, while abandoning the wild to become even wilder (though less understood).

This is visual artist Walter van Broekhuizen's departure point. Despite our abandonment of the wild, an instinct remains within us; an undeniable call to raw, uninhabited landscapes, whether real or philosophical. What are we to do with that call? Answer it, or ignore it? Is it our imperative to deny it, to refuse to ask how we are changing the world? Or is it our duty to listen, to pay attention?

Call of the Wild catalogues van Broekhuizen's most critical works. It is a lament for our loss of connection with the land, the knowledge of nature we see draining from ourselves. For Thoreau, the preservation and sustainability of the world lay in wildness even though he himself was not so wild. But imagination, combined with a fascination with nature, often in places where nature is either abundant or non-existent, has the power to preserve our world.


Walter van Broekhuizen is a Dutch visual artist. He studied at the Akademie Sint Joost in Breda and attended the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, where he was a finalist of the Prix de Rome for Drawing in 1998. His work reflects the current human condition, often with regards to nature. He uses different mediums to remodel our perception of landscape, in miniature to life-sized works. Walter has worked as an artist in the United States, South Africa, Norway, France, Indonesia and Canada, and has exhibited internationally. He lives and works in Amsterdam.


ISBN 978-0-9-9780054-4-3 (paperback)

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