Winter Wren

by Theresa Kishkan

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Winter Wren is a novella set on a beach west of Victoria, B.C. in 1974. Its central character, Grace Oakden, has returned to Canada after attending art school in France and making a life for herself as a painter. She becomes involved with the former owner of her house, a man whose father was an artefact collector in the tradition of Charles Newcombe and who now lives in a care home for the elderly, and she also begins an affair with a local potter who studied for a time with Bernard Leach in England. These two men, each in his own way, and each unknowingly, challenge her to rise to the task of finding an artistic language to examine her place and her history, to learn how to paint the view at dusk.

"A phenomenal read." - Book Addiction

"[A] beautiful meditation of transformation and of place..." - Kerry Clare

ISBN 978-0-9780054-5-0 (paperback)

Designed by Anik See


Theresa Kishkan is the critically acclaimed author of 12 books of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, most recently a memoir, Mnemonic: A Book of Trees (Goose Lane Editions, 2011) and another novella, Patrin (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2015). She lives near Pender Harbour, northwest of Vancouver.




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